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The Science . The Perfection . The Magic

The Science . The Perfection . The Magic

A Sip of Magic

The Satisfactio

The Satisfactio

Satisfaction. Yours and your customers

A Sip Of MagicA 
Made from specially selected ingredients, Catcher Gourmet’s range of products are renowned for their excellent quality, smooth textures and distinctive flavours. The preferred choice of professional baristas, Catcher Gourmet will help you whip up your magic and concoct gourmet specialty beverages. Inspired by the desire to satisfy, we have created a collection of amazing recipes to complement your creativity. A collection that is beyond the ordinary. 

There is a world of flavours waiting to be explored and beverages to be crafted. With Catcher Gourmet, the possibilities are limitless. 

Take a sip of magic. Catcher Gourmet

There are no compromises when it comes to quality. Our pursuit for excellence makes the fine difference between good and great; the common and the exceptional.

Perfection, like the range of Catcher Gourmet products, does not happen by chance. It is the fruit of years of careful research and development married with expansive experience and passion. Experience born of an intimate relationship with the trade and the passion to deliver nothing short of the best to our customers. 

Catcher Gourmet's distinctive range of products is the culmination of cutting edge technology and sc


Perfection has a name. Catcher Gourmet.

Born of inspiration and perfected by the quest for exellence, Catcher Gourmet has captured the imagination of connoisseurs and is the preferred choice of professional baristas the world over. 

Made from carefully selected high-quality ingredients, Catcher Gourmet's range of distinctive products are the epitome of excellence. Smooth textures, lusty aromas and distinctive flavours. Rich. Tempting. Tantalising. Satisfying.

Catcher Gourmet. Your beverage solution partner.